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Second Look: Northern NY History Podcast

Jun 12, 2019

Kelly and Christina talk about the last one room school house in the north country, referenced in this Looking Backward entry from the Watertown Daily Times, that closed its doors in 1989.

This island schoolhouse rang its last bell in 1989, but during its time, this small school educated an isolated group of...

Jan 16, 2019

Dec. 19, 1968: Approximately 130 children in Potsdam will receive custom dressed dolls, all designed and created by one woman. 

This is the eighth consecutive year that Mrs. William Burrell has been in the doll rehabilitation business, which she does in her home in the name of the American...

Jan 9, 2019

While the year is full of strife, it finally ends on a happier note with the earth rising from space as we take our first look at ourselves.

We take a look back 50 years ago at one of the most eventful years in history and how major events impacted our community. 


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Jan 2, 2019

1968 wasn't a year for the weak: Protests against the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights and Women's Rights movement, culture wars, assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy and (sadly) even more. 

As we start out 2019, we take a look back 50 years ago at one of the most eventful years in history and how...

Sep 17, 2018

Handwritten letters may be a thing of the past, but this Looking Back entry explores how meaningful they can be when a young girl offers sympathy and gets a personal response in return. Christina and Kelly discuss this chapter of local history and end up discussing communication today and what we think of how...