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Hosts Kelly Burdick and Christina Knott return to the pages of history for stories that still matter today.

Mar 29, 2020

Looking for a home with history? Two different castles are up for sale in the Thousand Islands region. While both homes go back to the Guilded Age, they have drastically different stories that illustrate the region's history.

Hopewell Hall is part of what was called millionaire’s row, a stretch of lavish homes and...

Mar 22, 2020

Cures for the new coronavirus are everywhere ... as long as you aren't concerned with whether they work. Kelly Burdick and Christina Knott discuss how scammers from 100 years ago compare to today.

We get a visit via telephone with friend of the show, Dennis O'Brien for his ever-present opinions on the subject.

And Kelly...

Mar 16, 2020

Stuck at home without much to do now that Covid-19 has forced us all into social isolation? Curious how this compares to past outbreaks? It's on all our minds, too. And we have some answers.

Kelly Burdick and Christina Knott talk about a past outbreak, the 1918 influenza epidemic, known as the Spanish flu. Why was it so...

Mar 15, 2020

Chris Brock takes the lead in this interview with Cheri L. Farnsworth, author of a multitude of books about Northern New York history, about her newest book: "Historic North Country Disasters."

In it, she compiles both the man-made and natural disasters that shocked the North Country in the hundred years between 1850...

Mar 8, 2020

The Perpetuball Motion Machine at the Salmon Run Mall in Watertown, N.Y., has been a popular attraction since the building first opened its doors in 1986. 

Today, Christina Knott and Kelly Burdick learn more about the machine, its artist and the perpetually popular kinetic art installation. 

Episode is edited by...