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Hosts Kelly Burdick and Christina Knott return to the pages of history for stories that still matter today.

Jun 28, 2020

In her last days, memories of her time in the Thousand Islands continued to bring a smile to June Noble Smith Larkin Gibson, who died at the age of 98 at her home in Greenwich, Conn.

Host Kelly Burdick discusses the life of June Noble, her idyllic summers spent in the Thousand Islands family home and her charitable...

Jun 14, 2020

Host Kelly Burdick talks about the Park Zoo Club's children-run organization that raised $3,000 ($38,000 in 2020 money) to buy the first animals for the zoo at Thompson Park in Watertown, N.Y., in 1920.

This episode is edited by Christina Knott. Intro music is "Nobody Calls It San Fran" by Coyote Hearing. Outro music...

May 17, 2020

Watertown Daily Times owner Stephanie Brockway took over part ownership of the newspaper in New York's north country after the death of her husband, Henry Brockway, in 1903.

During her time, she saw the paper through a pressroom strike and the purchase of Watertown Daily Standard. While she was remembered fondly after...

Apr 12, 2020

Listen as Christina Knott explores the history of a Watertown native who survived the tragic early death of both her husband and daughter, and find out why her headstone here at Watertown North Cemetery from nearly 100 years ago still has no date of death.

This episode is edited by Christina Knott. Intro music is

Apr 5, 2020

Christina Knott talks with Dennis O'Brien about Watertown native and amazing all-around athlete from the 1920s, Vic Hanson.

We are recording from our home "studio" this week, and fair warning ... the audio isn't great. We'll make some improvements before next time. Meanwhile, everyone stay healthy!  

This episode is...